The Book — Torn Between Religion and Relationships

torn-between-religion-and-relationships-bookA story of hope in the midst of domestic violence

Janice is torn between being in relationship with a troubled man and following the quiet voice of faith inside her heart that warns her of the tragedy ahead. The gripping story of her experience with domestic violence is presented decision by decision as she follows the path leading to her frightful abduction by her husband, being a hostage victim, and her husband’s subsequent death.

Torn Between Religion and Relationship takes the story to the hopeful end, as Janice discusses how she survived and provides hope to others who may find themselves on a similar path.


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Reader Reviews


“I just want to say thanks for sharing it and it opened up my eyes to some things I am dealing with right now as far as a potential mate” – D. King

“…everyone could learn something from this because like I told you our lives were similar but in different ways (if that makes sense) and I know that there has been plenty of times that the lord has spoken to me and I didn’t listen and now I’m feeling the consquences of my past actions. I don’t mean to sound like your book just made this big change in me, but it sure has waken me up and answered a lot of questions why things turned out the way they did.” – R. Strange

“I finally read your book …. I am sharing this book with all my friends. I have always believed in God, but find myself doing exactly what you did as far as making some wrong decisions. Your book has made me re-examine myself and I will become a better person for it. …. Thank you for telling your story. It has helped me immensely.” – Patti D.